Are Your Fire Doors Up to Code?

Find a fire door installation professional to inspect your doors in Mesquite & Seagoville, TX and serving throughout the DFW area

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets fire protection rules and restrictions for businesses across the country. That's why RPM Door and Services Inc. is NFPA-certified to offer fire door installation, inspection and repair services in Mesquite & Seagoville, TX and surrounding areas. We work on patient room and rolling steel fire doors.

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Learn more about our fire door services

Learn more about our fire door services

According to the Life Safety Codes set up by the NFPA, hospitals, schools and churches are required to use up-to-date fire doors at their exits. Want to make sure your fire door installation meets NFPA standards? Schedule a fire door inspection! Take advantage of our fire door inspection and repair services, which include:

  • Evaluating the fire door openings and smoke door assemblies
  • Completing inspections, certifications and relabeling
  • Repairing and replacing fire doors according to NFPA requirements

We are here to help get your doors up to code, whether that requires a fire door repair or replacement. Contact us today to schedule annual or biannual fire door inspections in Mesquite & Seagoville, TX and surrounding areas.